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For some, packaging is just a way to protect the product,
simplify distribution and increase availability and sustainability.

For most people, packaging is also a strategic instrument, the value of the brand.
The packaging increase the product and enrich the brand with emotions,
so they can both become unique.

Packaging is essential for everyone to improve the quality of daily life.

For us, packaging is more than that.

Packaging is an art



Lightning, software, home & office supplies, restaurants


We can create your bespoke packaging, for any type of  business


With state-of-the-art equipment, we produce with approx. 280 employees in offset, flexo and HQ flexo printing

Flat bed and rotary die cutters, folder gluers, tray erectors and a wide range of cup machines complete the profile.

With the precious help of Optessa Software for production scheduling, we have reduced our production time by three.

Our new natural packaging: A technically advanced solution for a better world.

BETNAT is the new paper and biopolymer packaging range that derives from our commitment to provide a consistent, sustainable solution to the many challenges we face related to the availability of natural resources and ecological balance.

BETNAT is biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432.

Sustainability: by using sustainable raw materials and applying an innovative eco-friendly production process, the product is designed for full recovery through recycling, energy recovery or composting after it has been used.

BETNAT offers a wide range of packaging for the food service, lightning and food industries, guaranteeing high quality standards that match the performance of current packaging.

The Elements & Principles of Packaging Design



We are guided by the principles of corporate social responsibility.

In particular, we commit ourselves to:
· Developing and manufacturing products that have the least impact on the environment
· Raw materials are purchased from suppliers who are monitored under strict forest certification programs
· Reducing the use of non-renewable resources
· Recycling and use of biodegradable materials
· Active promotion and support of packaging recycling programs at all levels

Did you know?
· For every tree used, three are planted in its place.
· Over 85% of the raw materials used come from renewable resources.
· 45% of renewable resources are recycled paper.
· The paper industry plants more than 1.7 million trees a day.

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