Life Motto

Innovation is our motivation

From the first squeeze bag for ice cream to our revolutionary double-walled hot beverage cups or our range of sustainable packaging, it is always innovation that drives us and enables us to offer our customers optimal product solutions and holistic added value.

Our product-beyond use of raw materials and packaging technologies helps many customers around the world to play an innovative pioneering role.

Our innovation drivers are:

· The needs of our customers
· Efficiency
· Quality
· Costs
· Product safety
· Environment

Our group has paved the way for many successful packaging processes and products right from the start, recognizing trends and needs at an early stage and developing new solutions to present and protect your products in the best possible way.

Our success is based on the holistic use of proven technologies, raw materials and markets. Our central R & D draws your benefit from the bundled, long-standing experience of our design and development team. She coordinates the local development departments in the individual plants and supports them with scientific expertise and the practical experience and skills of the central research laboratory.